The anti-odour cinnamon dressing

Cinesteam® is an innovative new non-adhesive secondary dressing designed to eliminate unpleasant odour.

Consisting of an absorbent layer, together with a sachet containing cinnamon, Cinesteam offers a triple action anti-odour approach:

  • Eliminates unpleasant odours
  • Releases the pleasant, natural fragrance of cinnamon
  • Absorbs excess exudate
Why Cinesteam?

Of all wound symptoms, odour is cited by patients and carers as the most distressing, causing social isolation, depression and revulsion  (Gethin, 2014).

Developed in collaboration with experts in wound management, understanding the profound impact that malodour can have on patients and their carers, Cinesteam was developed to:

  • Improve quality of life (for patients, relatives and carers).
  • Help patients regain self esteem
  • Alleviate caregivers and relatives from the burden of strong malodour
How does Cinesteam work?

After scientific testing and sensory studies, research found cinnamon to be effective in the reduction of wound malodour.

The cinnamon sachet contained within Cinesteam both:

  • Adsorbs the volatile compounds emanating from malodorous wounds.
  • Releases the pleasant, natural fragrance of cinnamon for the comfort of the patient.

The cinnamon powder used in Cinesteam was selected from several varieties for its specific olfactory and adsorption properties after multiple sensory perception tests and chemical analysis.

Cinesteam components allow the passage of air and moisture to prevent maceration, and the absorbent layer absorbs excess exudate from the primary dressing.

Prescribing/Ordering Information
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12 dressings per box 112010 4230447 ELY85035

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