DryMax® Super

SuperAbsorbent Wound Dressings

DryMax® Super is a sterile, conformable, super absorbent dressing for use on exuding wounds. Aided by DryMax Core Technology, DryMax Super has been designed to align with values of patient centred wound care.

  • Soft and conformable, with a low profile, DryMax Super is accepted by patients and is easy to use
  • Works under pressure. DryMax Super can be used under all types of compression therapy.
  • Highly absorbent. thanks to DryMax Core Technology, meaning fewer dressing changes, comfortable and dry to touch, promoting patient wellbeing.
  • High fluid retention, allows DryMax Super to handle thick wound exudate, minimising the risk of leakage and odour, and reducing maceration.
Prescribing/Ordering Information
Product Order Ref PIP Code NHS Code
DryMax Super (11 x 10) F60073/10 421-3369 EJA293
DryMax Super (11 x 20) F60075/10 421-3377 EJA288
DryMax Super (20 x 20) F60076/10 421-3385 EJA285
DryMax Super (20 x 30) F60077/10 421-3393 EJA294
DryMax Super (37 x 56) F60079/10 421-3401 EJA283

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