DryMax® Border

SuperAbsorbent Silicone Border

DryMax® Border is a sterile, bordered superabsorbent dressing with a gentle silicone wound contact layer for fixation.

Utilising the same DryMax Core Technology found across the range, exudate is effectively wicked, and locked away within the dressing. A moist wound environment is maintained and the peri-wound skin is protected.

Designed with patient comfort in mind, DryMax Border’s soft and highly conformable material allows close skin contact. A silicone contact layer makes the dressing comfortable for the patient, and easy to apply.

  • Easy removal – minimising pain and damage to skin, for patient comfort and concordance.
  • Ease of application and repositioning, DryMax Border maintains fixation even once repositioned, reducing dressing wastage.
  • Conforms for staying power – flexible silicone borer allows the dressing to conform to the body.
Prescribing/Ordering Information
Product Order Ref PIP Code NHS Code
DryMax Border (10 x 10) F50513/10 421-9648 EJA292
DryMax Border (15 x 15) F50514/10 421-9630 EJA287
DryMax Border (10 x 20) F50515/10 421-9655 EJA286

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