PEEL-EASY® makes stoma bag removal easy.

Conventional adhesive dressing removal is often difficult for the healthcare professional and unpleasant for the patient.

The New Peel-Easy® range uses a sophisticated silicone compound to gently and painlessly remove adhesive dressings – especially important for sensitive and fragile skin areas.

• Thorough, painless removal of medical adhesives
• Skin is left ready for next dressing
• More cost effective than the current market leader.

Peel-Easy Spray

Peel-Easy® Spray’s innovative propellant-free ‘bag-in-can’ technology offers a number of unique benefits:

• No propellants to chill or sting the skin
• Contains a FULL 50ml of Peel-Easy® – no space wasted with propellants
• Can be used in any position – even upside-down
• Near 100% emptying – no wastage

Peel-Easy Wipes

Peel-Easy® wipes are ideal for removing built-up adhesive residues. They have all the formulation benefits of Peel-Easy® Spray…

• Quick and convenient wipes
• Single-use removal

Prescribing/Ordering Information
Product Order Ref PIP Code NHS Code
50ml Spray 300714 365-4753 EXC043
30 Wipes 300715 365-4746 EXC044

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