Emollin® is the only aerosol to apply pure White Soft Paraffin BP and Liquid Paraffin BP to the skin with NO preservatives, NO additives and NO cold propellants.

The paraffins are dissolved in a volatile silicone which quickly evaporates leaving ONLY the pure emollient on the skin – nothing more.

And the gentle spray works any way up – it can be held in any position, even upside down.

It means that emollient can be applied without actually touching the skin, avoiding the spread of contamination from the hands.


Emollin® is ideal for use on dry, scaly, sensitive or sore skin acting as a water repellent and providing barrier protection to minor irritation and sorenesss:

• No preservatives, just pure emollient

• Applies emollient without touching skin

• Ideal for sensitive, sore or dry skin

• Can be used at any angle, even upside down


Further information can be found at www.emollin.co.uk 

Prescribing/Ordering Information
Product Order Ref PIP Code NHS Code
50ML 300707 N/A N/A
150ML 300708 N/A ELZ1379
240ML 300706 328-7794 ELZ204

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