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Company History


CD Medical started by two partners who had
the belief to take good established medical
devices, innovate them and make them even
more cost effective.


The first CD Medical product was Stericlens, the first bag in can sterile solution,
used across the NHS and private sector.
Currently market leader in its category, Irripod has
gone from strength to strength with its effective
innovation and cost-efficiency.


CD Medical became part of the overall M&A Pharmachem, going
from strength to strength in its core areas – Innovation and Cost
Effectiveness. To maximise opportunities for both CD Medical
and M&A Pharmachem the Senior Management team took the
decision to separate the companies and allow them to flourish
in their respective market place. Although collaboration is still
integral to the success of both organisations, it has allowed
both companies to focus on its core strengths.


Over time more innovative products have been added
to the portfolio including:

  • Stericlens - the first sterile ‘bag in can’ saline solution
  • Peel-Easy - the first ‘bag in can’ adhesive remover spray
  • Clinifilm Cream - the first emollient based silicon barrier cream
  • Emollin - still the only spray application for 50:50 treatment in Eczema and dry skin
  • Povitulle – delivering easy to open packaging for Povidone Iodine dressings.


As of 1st December 2015 CD Medical started
to trade in its own right. With a committed
senior management group, fully engaged sales
team and vastly experienced head office
support, CD Medical has the right foundations
to grow from strength to strength.


Based in Westhoughton near Bolton, in the
North West of England, CD Medical is very
much a local company offering innovative
and cost-effective products throughout the
UK and beyond. As a British based
company our Ethos is to strive to support
local businesses for greater sustainability
CD Medical’s power usage is already
carbon neutral with 600 solar panels
currently generating electricity on the roof
of headquarters.

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CD Medical will only contact you regarding your enquiry and your details will be deleted after an appropriate period of time.